What's the top hosting for WordPress?

The selection of hosting is your first important decision you need to make to begin your website or blog in WordPress, and it is no

small thing! It's not enough to pick the cheapest or the most famous, because that won't ensure because you may it will function well, especially when you have issues, believe me. So I'm going to tell you my experience and what made me pick, what I think, the top.

A bad hosting and Lots of headaches

The first thing I did when I decided to make a blog like this is to look for the cheapest hosting, with lots of space, a great deal of bandwidth, free domain names and if possible to wash my own dishes and passing. And now I say to myself: poorly done Ruben! When you have been hosting for a long time, you realize that you're just going to use 40% of the resources that offered you inexpensive: that they sold them .

So what does it mean to be the ? The actual worth of the ceremony I began to comprehend that did not show the page since the server had ceased functioning or when I had issues, for example slowness in loading the net. Imagine my face when after sharing in social networks people warned me that the connection didn't work. Visits and time.

I composed to technical support and they replied that they were trying to solve the problem, but when they answer the identical thing many times a month and several months a year, is if you understand: cheap is more expensive.

In search of the best hosting for WordPress

So I started"diving" on the World Wide Web to find the very best hosting:

To help me, and particularly when I have troubles, to provide me what I want and quality, to truly care about my site or blog, to be at a good price and based on that quality, if it is also in Spanish, better .

I lost 1and1 because of its bad fame...

Hostgator and Arvixe were not bad for their price, but over time their support has gotten worse... Wow, I tried both and they weren't poor in their own day, but I wished to grab the moment to attempt and find the best hosting for WordPress, and also at a fantastic price, of course!

All of them refer to Greengeeks as you can see. My very first opinion was that they promote it only because they take commission with each sale they get, so that I wanted to try it myself and hosted wordpress see if it is actually the best hosting.

I delivered an e-mail to Wordpress-Hosting to tell them about my situation, and a couple of hours later I was on the phone with Gerard Pierre, who on the same day ready a trial WordPress hosting for me. This very first thing left me astonished for great, since no supplier of all that I have attempted (that have been several ) had had so much attention.

So that same day I had a copy of my site at the test hosting and with a temporary domain: test10-cp29. wordpresstemporal . com.

Amazing! I earned points to be the .

Testing and analyzing hosting

The first thing I noticed was that the administration page that is blog was much quicker. Doing some research in the management panel I discovered that the machine has 8 CPUs, twice as much as my current WordPress hosting, or much more speed and power.

Here I depart the picture because There's no waste:

And to confirm it, I did a server functionality evaluation. I discovered it in the content that I commented before and you can download it to test it in your own hosting.

The results couldn't be better: up to 7 times faster than with the hosting I had.

(And now that they use PHP 7, this time hardly passes from 1.100 seconds??)

Then I did the same load speed tests I did in my prior post and there I discovered it wasn't going much better, so I contacted Greengeeks's technical help to see what was happening.

Here I get them! (I presumed ).

They replied me on the day, and apparently I neglected to configure a plugin when I made the copy https://iadminmobile.com of the site to the test. They analyzed the plugins I gave me some more information to improve the loading period and also used.

And now the results are far better than my hosting.


The last test I did was with load impact.com, an internet tool which assesses the loading period as the number of visitors increases around 50. The image is of this test with my hosting and the second one of the evaluation.

Load tests with loadimpact.com on demand

As you can see, in my previous hosting the loading period is very intermittent, while with Greengeeks it is much more regular and lower.

Conclusions: Greengeeks

The first thing I did after assessing these information was to congratulate Gerard for the service he provides and for assisting me from the very first moment. I've been able to experience in my own flesh everything the most expert bloggers have to say, and they've convinced meI will host my website in the hosting for WordPress.

And in my humble opinion, I think that its biggest virtue is that other suppliers, considerably more famous, don't take into account: they hire people and all of them are different.

I could tell you that Hostgator or Arvixe are better, just because I am their affiliate and should you employ them using my links it would take me a lot more commission than that I consider for being a Greengeeks affiliate, but that would I be kidding? To myselfbecause when you saw that Greengeeks is better, my credibility would be null.

?? Notice: Arvixe and Hostgator are cheap and not bad but are you really likely to hire more than one hosting? So why not choose the very best hosting straight if it is well priced, I doubt that?

I believe that is what makes it one of the best hosting for WordPress.


Remember that if the majority of your visits will come from America, Your blog or web will load something faster if the server where it is hosted is closer to your future readers.